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Who Are We?

We are an all-volunteer group committed to providing:

  • a non-judgmental place for women of the region to come together for support and connection.

  • advocacy/support during times of crisis.

  • a variety of safety net services in collaboration with local not-for-profit organizations.

  • clearinghouse for information.

  • seminars and workshops based on the top three areas of interest based on our current needs assessment.

What Do We Want?

By working together we empower women in their attainment of:

  • education, economic equality, and reproductive health.

  • personal growth and development.

  • social justice for all.

  • positions of importance.

  • personal wellbeing and self-care.

We don't just talk...

Join Us!
We meet on the second Monday of each month and when in-person move the meetings to various areas in the GLOW region. Check our event page for updates.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
define their future, and change the world.

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